Jaw Dropping Desserts from ASK Italian


After the success of our social media video for the #ServingUpSmiles campaign, digital marketing agency twentysix contacted us with a request for new video for national restaurant chain Ask Italian, to promote the restaurant’s new Chocolate Lava Mountain pudding.

The Brief

The central challenge of this video production project was to produce a video that would present the new pudding in all of its glory, and leave viewers eager to taste it for themselves.

The pudding is a spectacle when it is being served, as the waiting staff pour on hot sauce that hits the thick chocolate top and instantly melts it to reveal a gelato centre.

twentysix developed a tongue-in-cheek video concept and we supported them to ensure the video was executed in a highly polished and cinematic way reflecting the restaurant experience.

Ask Italian - Restaurant & Food Video Specialists |Fresh Cut Creative Video Production Specialists in Leeds & London | Social Media Marketing Video Experts

The Shoot

Time was particularly tight on location on this project, Ask didn’t want to turn away business and close one of their busy restaurant’s to allow the video production to take place. We work with a lot of restaurants and completely understand that a busy restaurant business like Ask cannot afford to miss out on a day’s worth of sales so we were happy to draw on our experience from live event filming and approached the video in this way ensuring we caused minimal disruption to their business.

We had a six-hour time slot in which to capture all of the action, and we opted for fast Zeiss Prime lenses to make the most of the available light. This allowed us to work with the smallest footprint possible, minimising the lighting kit needed, which would have caused unwanted disturbance to the restaurant’s staff and customers.

Ask Italian - Restaurant & Food Video Specialists |Fresh Cut Creative Video Production Specialists in Leeds & London | Social Media Marketing Video Experts

“They make you feel at ease & their experience is second to none!”

Other Applications

The final video is social media gold, with viewers kept in suspense about what the waiter is carrying while they see diners’ jaws dropping at the sight of the new dessert. Then, in slow motion, with a classical Italian soundtrack in the background, everyone gets to witness the moment of truth.

The campaign was an instant hit, garnering thousands of views on Facebook in its first week. It was incorporated into the restaurant’s paid social media campaign to help Ask Italian achieve its goal of creating public awareness of their new menu.

How about the results?

Donna Yeats – Planning Director
Donna Yeats – Planning Director
“Fresh Cut stand out in the market place for us, the team has a wealth of experience and expertise and they really make you feel at ease that they are going to be able to deliver the project no matter what challenges are put in place. Their experience is second to none!”