ASK Italian #ServingUpSmiles

We have worked closely with digital marketing agency twentysix we are delighted to have become their go-to video production partners. They produce brilliant creative concepts for their clients, and we help to turn those concepts into engaging video content.

The Brief

Ask Italian were launching their new kids menu and they turned to twentysix to develop a concept that informs the viewer about the new menu in a fun and entertaining way and, crucially, the restaurant did not want the video to be overtly commercial or salesy in its nature.

To meet this challenge, twentysix came up with a great concept of framing the film as a piece of market research, and they asked Fresh Cut to create a video of children testing out the new kids menu at Ask.

Ask Italian - Restaurant & Food Video Specialists |Fresh Cut Creative Video Production Specialists in Leeds & London | Social Media Marketing Video Experts

Our Approach

With the concept for the video in mind, we made the decision to keep the lighting and camera work for the shoot very simple, so that the final film felt like a research piece. We didn’t want to break the illusion by making the film look over-produced. We opted for a locked-off static wide shot and complimented this with a close-up detail shot and natural lighting.

Ask Italian - Restaurant and Food Video Specialists | Fresh Cut Creative Video Production Specialists in Leeds and London | Social Media Marketing Video Experts

Working With Children

Our past experience of working with children over the last ten years has taught us that less is more! The more you try to direct young children, the more forced and staged things tend to feel on film. As such, we kept direction to a minimum to ensure we captured the natural reactions to the dishes that we were hoping for, but we also worked with the children between takes to steer them gently towards the sort of reactions and out-takes we were hoping for!

The Results

First and foremost, the agency and the client loved the finished result. What’s more, the video achieved the desired results across social media, and parents and children began to flood into Ask Italian branches across the country. Job done!