Branded Content

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People are turning adverts off. That little ‘skip’ button on YouTube? Yeah, we use that too. And we fast-forward the adverts when watching Sky+. Who doesn’t?

But every now and again, a great piece of film will find its way into an ad break, or a web commercial. Something that makes a mark on you, moves you, or puts a powerful image or a piece of music in your head.

Branded video content is changing the way people learn about products and it is shaping public perceptions of brands and organisations. Content with such a powerful impact that it not only captures people’s imaginations, but it makes the news headlines too.

Out with the old

Branded video content is a fast-growing part of our business.

Many of our clients know that their customers are too savvy to be marketed to in the traditional way, and they have to produce something special to cut through the noise on social media, television and in public spaces.

The ideas tabled at our client meetings are getting bigger. Braver. More adventurous. And we love it.

The shift away from traditional commercials brings the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and stretch our filmmaking expertise to its limits on innovative projects with unique production values.

Because branded video content can take almost any form, and requires furiously original ideas and approaches, we find that these projects often bring the best out of our talented, creative team, and lead to some of our best work.

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Match the idea to the brand

Our approach to branded video content still requires a deep understanding of the company or organisation we are working with.

By getting to know your brand intimately, we can work with you to find a concept that is perfectly aligned with your values and ethos.

We realise that a camera strapped to a person in a wingsuit flying down a mountainside isn’t necessarily going to turn people on to your dog grooming business.

And while we love bringing real people’s stories to life through carefully crafted documentaries, that might not be what your break dancing troupe needs for its new tour promo.

But when your brand is aligned with  beautifully crafted video that speaks authentically to your customers, the results can be dramatic.


The right people with the right tools

Fresh Cut is a team of passionate filmmakers. We create film for television, cinema, and the web, and we are just as comfortable working on feature films or documentaries as we are on commercial adverts and viral videos.

Branded video content requires this breadth of experience, as well as a brilliant network of people and resources, to turn great concepts into mould-breaking films.

You might think your business will never be one of those ‘talked-about’ brands. We beg to differ.