Making virality a reality

Remember when all you needed to make a commercial was a man in a bright orange rubber suit and a snappy catchphrase?

We sometimes wish we’d been ready to set up Fresh Cut in the days of the Tango Man and the Kia Ora crows. But the art of commercial video has moved on, and the digital advertising market now dwarfs the annual spend in traditional media in the UK.

We live in a world where your advert either grabs the audience’s attention in seconds, or they can dismiss you at the click of a button. We love creating commercials that rise to that challenge.

Commercial Video Production London

Impact is everything

Creating a commercials that are seen and not skipped requires a powerful visual impact.

We love to take cinematic production values and apply them to small screen adverts. Our team has the experience, creativity, and technical expertise to execute the most outlandish ideas as well as the simple ones, and we’ll help you hit on the idea that best suits your brand.

We’ve all been drawn in by stories from a young age, whether it’s the villain that we hated, the friendly character we aspired towards or the clumsy character we all laughed at.  Stories are the heart of all of our creations.

When it comes to commercials, we’re all about seeing past limitations and letting great ideas come to life.

“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.” – William Bernbach

The bottom line

We make commercials that inspire audiences and trigger a shift in behaviour.

We know this because we work with our clients to make sure our video adverts are crafted around their brand and the call to action they most need to communicate.

We ensure that the videos we create form part of a broader strategy, helping you to target your most valuable audiences and get the very best return on your investment.

And we don’t leave anything to guesswork. We track the impact of our videos through analytics that inform our detailed client reports.

Commercial Video Production in  London and Leeds

Originality: inspired

Fresh Cut is constantly in search of new ideas and inspiration, and we share these ideas with our clients.

We won’t sit and wait for a brief. We work in partnership with you to put together a range of strong ideas, before we develop one that you love.

Commercial video production London