We tell stories

Good documentaries stay with you. They shake up your view of the world, bring you new insight, and leave an imprint on your memory.

The rise of the micro-documentary on the web has turned digital storytelling into a fast-growing art form, with powerful pieces of short film being created and shared every day via micro-blogging platforms and video streaming networks.

We believe that great documentaries require a combination of technical filmmaking expertise, unobtrusive approach and a strong grasp of the art of visual storytelling.

Documentary Video Production London Leeds

We don’t tell tales 

We make honest films. The technology used by the Fresh Cut team and the skillset of our operators are ideally suited to capturing the particular nuances and intricate details that are vital to truly great documentary making.

Every story is different, and we have learned the value of listening carefully to the needs of every client we work with, in order to help craft briefs for documentary films that are packed with value and meaning – no matter what the subject matter.

It takes courage to turn your story into a film. We can help you with that, and we’ll bring along a load of imagination, flexibility, technical expertise, and a can-do attitude to boot.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

Documentary Video Production London Leeds


Telling Micky’s story

One of the most important stories we’ve helped to tell was that of Micky Yule, a former staff sergeant with the Royal Engineers, who lost both his legs after stepping on an IED whilst on tour in Afghanistan.

Thanks to the support he received from the National Lottery Good Causes fund, Micky was able to pursue his goals of becoming a Paralympic powerlifter. With the Rio Olympics on the horizon in 2016, his remarkable journey is helping to raise awareness of British Paralympians and inspiring others to overcome adversity.

With only four hours of Micky’s time available, and the small setting of his personal gym at his family home to work in, the Fresh Cut team first interviewed Micky to capture a voiceover that would provide a narrative for the entire piece.

We then set about gathering high-contrast footage to complement and emphasise the darkness and also the hope that runs through Micky’s story, shooting with high frame rates to capture in detail the intensity of the athleticism on display.

Stories people share

The Micky Yule documentary has become a benchmark piece for National Lottery Good Causes, and has been used in various settings, engaging a wide and varied audience with the good work they do.

Powerful documentaries are amongst the talked-about pieces of content on television and on the web, and Fresh Cut is incredibly proud of its impactful, memorable, evocative creations in this genre.

If you’ve got an untold story inside, tell it to us. We’ll help you share it with the world.

documentary Video Production London Leeds

What no one usually sees

We have created many behind the scenes documentary videos for fashion shoots, brands and events.These videos have always delivered successful results for every brand and customer we have worked with because they allow the audience to develop a much deeper understanding and appreciated for a project.

If you have an exciting project you want your audience to learn more about get in touch.