Event Videos

Live event videos can be a rich source of wonderfully engaging content for your brand or business.

They can also be a nightmare to manage.

You can spend months carefully planning and preparing your event, and lining up a list of the crucial footage you wish to capture, only to see your schedule destroyed when Kanye West storms the stage and interrupts the evening’s speeches.

And even if you somehow manage to keep Kanye under control, the chances of everything running to plan are up against a vast array of variables, which makes the art of live events coverage a complex craft.

Keep calm and capture everything

At Fresh Cut, our experience of highly variable live event scenarios has turned us into aspiring Olympic gymnasts; we strive for maximum flexibility.

We are experts at the balancing act required to work diligently to a detailed event plan and shooting schedule, whilst keeping some of our most agile limbs free to roam your event and grab the spontaneous moments of magic that might not be part of the original plan.

In the past, this has helped us to over-deliver on live events projects, because our team has managed to capture strong material that merited additional edits.

If there is extra value to be squeezed from your live event, we’ll help you find it and capture it.

Events Video Production London Leeds


The perfect blend

You know that wedding photographer with the really loud voice who wants everyone’s attention on him all the time?

We’re not that guy.

We are a part of your events team, contributing to the smooth-running and delivery of your vision and the atmosphere you wish to create.

If you want us to take the lead and co-ordinate the shots you need for your events video, we’re more than happy to do that.

But if you need us to be invisible, we are pretty good at disappearing from view whilst being everywhere all at once.

Fresh Cut Video Production London Leeds client testimonial

Think fast. React. Create.

Perhaps the best summary of our approach to events videos came from Kelvin DeSena, Head of Film and Digital at The National Lottery, whose annual awards we have covered for the last two years running.

He said: “At high profile events there is always a lot going on and there is always the opportunity to capture great stuff. But if you’re not able to do work at speed and think on your feet and be flexible, those opportunities can pass you by.

The work we have done with Fresh Cut has been excellent in terms of the flexibility and the ability to work under pressure in that environment”

“Our aim was to create a behind-the-scenes VT, and we ended up creating four separate edits that captured different elements of the event. This was testament to the Fresh Cut team’s ability to think on its feet, be creative and be reactive, which is what live events are all about.”