John Lewis Christmas advert 2015 #ManOnTheMoon

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Steve Denman - Business Development Manager

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Watch – #ManOnTheMoon

Now that we have Halloween and Bonfire night out of the way I think it’s safe to say we can all start getting excited about Christmas, especially since The John Lewis Christmas advert campaign has started.

Over the last few years The John Lewis Christmas adverts have become the most anticipated of the year and they certainly help to kickstart the festive season!

This year we have #ManOnTheMoon – as always John Lewis have used emotive story telling and beautiful cinematography to achieve what we anticipate will be one of the most successful marketing campaigns of the year.

#ManOnTheMoon is a story about a girl called Lilly who has a fascination with space and spends much of her time using her telescope. One day to her surpise she spots a sad, lonely old man living on the moon. Despite her best efforts she fails to get him to notice her. Then magically on Christmas day the old man receives a gift which he opens to reveal a telescope, allowing him to finally see the little girl waving back at him. His heart gets filled with joy and he sheds a tear.

It seems the message goes even further as seeing the old man is making everyone miss their granddads who are no longer with them. John Lewis are becoming better and better and pulling on the heart strings!

John Lewis have teamed up with AgeUK to raise money for all of the lonely old people who can often go a month without speaking to anyone. We imagine they probably do feel like they are living on the moon sometimes. It’s great to see John Lewis collaborating with a charity to further spread the messages of love this Christmas time.


The visual geniuses behind this £1,000,000 production are the advertising agency Adam&Eve/DDB, the same agency behind all of John Lewis adverts since 2009. The team were incredibly successful in creating the magical 2D hand-drawn stop frame animation in The Bear and The Hare and they made Monty the Penguin the mascot of Christmas 2014 with their flawless CGI.

The video has been directed by Kim Gehrig, the woman behind the empowering & sweaty #ThisGirlCan advert.


There’s no denying that each shot is perfectly composed, lit and colour graded. Most of the shots have a cool blue grade on them, a colour which heightens the feeling of sadness felt by the little girl and loneliness by the man on the moon.

Every scene seamlessly flows into another perfectly enhancing the emotional story.

What we find the most incredible the amount of effort that has gone into re-creating the moon. Some companies would have simply gone for an all CGI (Computer Generated Image) approach yet John Lewis & Adam&Eve/DDB physically created a set that looked like the moon using using 10 tonnes of bentonite and 100 kilos of pumice stone. It would be fascinating to see a behind the scenes video for this process.

John Lewis Christmas advert 2015 John Lewis Christmas advert 2015

The Verdict

Drum roll please…we all really like it. It’s got the cute heartfelt story and OUTER SPACE. It’s definitely a winner in our eyes, however we’ve got mixed opinions in the office about which John Lewis Christmas Advert is our favourite.

Which is yours?

We’ve decided to include the last 4 years Christmas Adverts so you can watch them all and get into the Christmas spirit!


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