Promotional Videos

Talk to us about your brand

Tell us why your company is unique. And then, let us tell the world about what you do best.

Our promotional brand videos get to the heart of your business and give it an authentic voice. In an age where the snotty-nosed kid next door can be getting more web views than the town’s most thriving business, it is vital your messages are speaking clearly and directly to your key audiences.

 video used for marketing

Let us inside your head

We’ll be good house guests, we promise. We just want to snoop around a bit and find out what makes you tick.

Fresh Cut isn’t the kind of company that thinks it knows you better than you know yourself. But we are the kind of team that will invest the time and effort to gain key insights and ensure our work truly reflects your values.

And if that process involves big chats with you and your team over tea and cake, we won’t be complaining.

Your kind of people

Your customers and stakeholders are out there. They are consuming content. We want to find them and make sure it’s your content they’re engaging with.

A successful brand video project isn’t just about the visual product. It is about crafting a strategy around that video that will ensure it delivers value and builds your brand.

Our team of content strategists will work with you to make sure your customers are turning off the new Old Spice advert and tuning in to what you have to say.

Three is the magic number

We say never settle for the first idea, no matter how good it is. Even if together we come up with a surefire hit with our first conversation, we still like to explore a little deeper.

Only once we’ve come up with a range of brilliant ideas – at least three of which you love – will we move towards an approach for your brand video.

The ideas that don’t get used are never wasted. Like fine wines, they will sit in the rack, ready to be cracked open and served when the right occasion comes along.

Your brand, captured

Your brand video might be a disarmingly honest talking heads piece. It might be a motion graphics masterpiece. It might be a cinematic short film with a unique soundtrack.

Fresh Cut team creates promotional videos of the highest quality for companies who rely on us for our unique skillset and expertise.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your brand.