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Our New Studio

Alongside many other big things to come here at Fresh Cut, we will be moving from our Leeds city centre base to a brand new studio at Sunny Bank Mill in Farsley. The development and renovation of the new studio is a three month long job but like most things in life, good things come to those who wait. 

New studio exteriorWith the current office and studio being separated by a 20 minute drive, having our sets, production, post-production and everything in-between under one roof will be a massive advantage for us and will help expand our company and seize every creative opportunity. Not only will the new studio be beneficial to our team, current and future clients, we will be using it as an events space holding workshops, skill shares, film nights and socials. The studio will be flexible for any project from a TV kitchen to an Amazon Jungle! The space will allow us to produce the very best creative content and express all our crazy ideas with plenty of room to build and design sets and props. 

We wanted to document the process of the development building up to the end result and show how amazing this project is!

Watch this space for regular updates.

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New studio2

8th October 2018 - Less than a month until the builders have finished and we’ll be moving in. It’s been great to plan and design the space over the last few weeks. Currently the awesome guys over at Three Create are building us some industrial desks and workbenches which are on wheels so we can keep the studio space super flexible. In line with the flexible space theme all of our dividing walls will be built as set flats which can also be easily moved and changed. 

Our favourite area yet to complete is the pop up bar comprising of an original 1960’s padded gold cocktail bar, complete with pineapple ice bucket and tropical wallpaper. 

New studio construction

23rd October 2018 – Most of the main construction has finished and the studio is ready to be kitted out so we can start moving stuff in soon. There’s still work that needs to be done, we’ll be constructing walls and building sets before we move any of our other gear in but we’re super happy with how it’s all coming along! We’re hoping to be moving in slightly earlier than expected but we’ve still got quite a lot of clearing out to do of our current studio – out with the old in with the new!

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