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Producing great content is only part of the process. The last and arguably most important step of any successful video campaign is the promotion and activation. 

Key Steps

Optimise for search

To help maximise exposure the first step we recommend is to optimise your content for search. This includes simple tips such as uploading to key social media channels with optimised placement, descriptions and tags based on the data behind how your audience discovers content. 

Optimise for people

It's important your content is as compelling as possible to potential viewers. This includes the thumbnail image you choose, producing ratio and duration variations for specific platforms and adding things like subtitles to help engage silent scrollers. 


To maximise the exposure of your video content you may want to consider targeted advertising and promotion on social media channels. Another effective approach is a PR campaign or partnership with a relevant influencer. We can advise you on Video on Demand advertising and if you are looking to spread your message to the masses TV advertising has become much more cost effective over the last few years with the introduction of localised targeted advertising. Speak to our activation team today to find out more.  

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