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Naggy Maggie

Maggie grew up on stage, both at drama school and much to her parents ‘joy’ spent Sunday nights with her big sisters doing performances in her living room. She soon learnt that life was better behind the scenes and realised her speciality was organising people and graduated with an Events Management degree. After five years in the world of events and marketing she fancied a change of scene putting her skills to the test in the production world and voila… now loves life as a Producer!

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read about Andy

Space Cadet

Andy spent his childhood drawing from the VHS cover’s of his Dad’s intimidating film collection. He studied art in London where he would paint from film scenes and build spaceships (to take him back to his home planet). Concepts and aesthetic have always been Andy’s strong points which led to him writing and directing for Fresh Cut. 

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read about Ross


Starting out in the world of music, Ross soon found himself a side hustle making music videos for fellow musicians. Fast becoming an outlet for his creativity, Ross has been using his musical background to enhance his video making ever since.

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read about Rick

Pickle Rick!

Five year old Rick prepared for show and tell armed only with a cardboard box, roll of wallpaper and a tape recorder. That day, he created moving images for the first time. From then on he spent his spare time making films with an old VHS handycam, recording silly voices overs and blowing up toys. Not a lot has changed. 

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read about Lexi

Tyrannosaurus Lex

Lexi is dynamite at organising and super creative. When she isn’t dreaming about being at a festival dressed in glitter, sequins and all things shiny, she can be found supporting her clients and team in anyway she can! We really would be lost without her…. Shante she stays!

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read about Scott

Dr Jones

Scott would live on set if they had a bed long enough for him. He’s passionate about creating moving imagery in its rawest form. He’s his own worst critic, constantly raising the bar and pushing the limits of film production. 

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read about Oscar

Minty Biscuit

Oscar is a quirky creative type with a veritable treasure trove of experience working for agencies across the region. Slightly odd in that he makes a point of actually watching all the ads on telly, instead of heading off to make a cuppa. He’s a fan of a minty biscuit, a good cup of coffee to start the day and enjoys long walks in the sunshine.

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