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The Merchandise

Jamie hales from the Lake District and started his journey into production by making mountain bike films as a teenager. Jamie lives for dynamic shoots (any chance to get out of the office) and has a background in aerial cinematography as an active gimbal operator and CAA certified drone pilot. 

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read about Lexi

Tyrannosaurus Lex

Lexi is dynamite at organising and super creative. When she isn’t dreaming about being at a festival dressed in glitter, sequins and all things shiny, she can be found supporting her team in anyway she can! We really would be lost without her…. Shante she stays!

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read about Andy

Space Cadet

Andy spent his childhood drawing from the VHS cover’s of his Dad’s intimidating film collection. He studied art in London where he would paint from film scenes and build spaceships (to take him back to his home planet). Concepts and aesthetic have always been Andy’s strong points, which led to him writing and directing for Fresh Cut. 

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read about Rick

Pickle Rick!

Five year old Rick prepared for show and tell armed only with a cardboard box, roll of wallpaper and a tape recorder. That day, he created moving images for the first time. From then on he spent his spare time making films with an old VHS handycam, recording silly voices overs and blowing up toys. Not a lot has changed. 

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Dr Jones

Scott would live on set if they had a bed long enough for him. He’s passionate about creating moving imagery in its rawest form. He’s his own worst critic, constantly raising the bar and pushing the limits of film production. 

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read about Jon

Fantastic Mr Fox

From what started as a way to show off his latest BMX tricks to his friends and family, camera work and lighting fast became the focus of Jon’s life. Bringing concepts to life is where he truly excels, with creativity at the heart of all the decisions he makes.  When he’s not out filming he can normally be found in the studio testing out new kit and techniques. 

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read about Rob

Bob De Niro

Say hello to my little friend…Rob! Bar Rick, he’s the longest serving member of the Fresh Cut team. He’s our go to tech guy, when there’s something strange in your post-production work flow, who ya’ gunna call… ‘Bob’ of course. Rob also loves to travel, top of his Hitlist is Hill Valley, Gotham City and Hobbiton. And if you’d not guessed it by now, he’s a big film geek. Hasta la vista, Baby.

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