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Branded Content

Branded content is all about entertaining your target audience without the obvious 'hard-sell' brand messages. It's a great way to increase your brand awareness and audience loyalty online. 

The key to success is pairing your brand with compelling content, famous people or influential companies leaving the viewer with a great association with your brand. 

We always recommend that branded content should move, inform, amaze or amuse your audience. By creating a narrative that delivers on one or more of these reactions you can leave your mark with your audience with a video or series that's memorable and sharable. 

Branded Content Reel

Top Tips

Build Trust

Show customers you’re willing to put them first by making an association between your brand and a positive cause instead of focusing on sales messages and you can develop a stronger sense of trust.

Build Reach

People engage with content that they connect with on an emotional level. Traditional adverts feel like a hard sell and tend to get ignored, people choose to watch entertaining content and are more likely to share them with friends. 

Build Loyalty

Branded content creates an engaging story for audiences to enjoy resulting to higher brand advocacy. 

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No matter the message you want to communicate to your target market, Fresh Cut can create branded content videos that shape the way your brand will be seen and shared. With our talented team of creatives, scriptwriters, videographers and editors we can work with you to produce video content that your audiences will love. 

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