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Winning Strategy

With video being one of the most effective and influential mediums for marketing, a well planned video content strategy is crucial for improving the success and effectiveness of your content. By gaining a better understanding of your audience‚Äôs interests and needs you can plan the strongest possible video strategy for your desired outcomes. 

Our experienced team are here to help you develop your video content strategy in order to truly resonate with your target audiences giving you the best possible returns on your content marketing investment. 

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Your audience

To create concepts that will resonate with your target audience first we need to understanding your brand, your customers and your goals. We listen to you and get to know your brand inside out. Understanding your products, services and the needs of your customers is a crucial first step in creating an effective video marketing strategy.

Long term

It's easy to get caught up on one big project when in reality your content needs to be on-going and frequent. It's not always about those big budget, one-off videos, it's about quality content that delivers time and time again.

Use data

Data is a powerful tool to ensure that video resonates with your target audience. Although you can produce and upload videos with relative ease, you should always take a scientific approach to your video marketing strategy. 

Online video content should spark conversations and that involves thinking about the audience, the platform and the purpose behind the video. You can use data to craft your content around trends, popular video types and video duration in order to maximise social engagement.

Stand out

The vast volume of video content online creates a challenge for brands that want to stand out and grab the attention of viewers. 

Content needs to grab your attention quickly. In a recent study by Facebook, participants gazed five times longer at video than static content. To create connections the perfect video strategy should combine traditional formats with new experimental formats to find out what works best for your brand.

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