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Our team are experienced in all aspects of documentary film-making from concept development through to delivery. 

Documentary Reel

Tip Top Tips

Inform and Entertain

Documentaries should inform and entertain. We pride ourselves on the balance we craft between these two elements delivering key messages from the story alongside engaging cinematic visuals. 

Step back

As experienced documentary film-makers we've learned to find a balance between planning and freedom. We act as a fly on the wall, moving with the action but never interfering with it. 


A good documentary should always provoke an emotion leaving people feeling moved or inspired. Personal stories are always a powerful tool bringing struggles or achievements to life communicated in an thought provoking format.

Documentary Examples

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Your stories are important to us and we want to help you tell them the right way. Get in touch and we can work alongside you to create a compelling documentary video - we'd love to hear your story!

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