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For this project we we’re asked by twentysix to produce a powerful, emotive piece for the NSPCC which involved interviewing runners as they make their way around a busy metropolitan park.

Many production companies would still be scratching their heads and stroking their chins. But we’re not phased easily.

The solution was simple, combine a completely silent 35mph electric camera dolly, our state of the art camera stabiliser, a driver, camera operator, focus puller, sound recordist and interviewer and we’re off!

No less than five people boarded the dolly to carry out and capture the interviews, which helped us create this commercial video to support the NSPCC’s London Marathon sponsorship campaign.

Director of Photography Rick Frier
Focus Puller Jamie Merchant
Camera Assistant Andrew Johnson
Sound Recordist Olly Kilpatrick
Runner Max Ryan
Dolly Driver Tony Holker
Editor Rob Hannant




“We had quite a challenging project with required tight deadlines. We thought the brief was quite complex but the Fresh Cut team helped us through the challenges. 

Their experience is second to none, technically the filming was quite challenging, the guys had that all under control, the crew that turned up on the day were fantastic, the output of that is clear.”

Video Production Leeds and London
Donna Yeats –
Planning Director @ twentysix Digital