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Case Study

Case Studies and testimonials affirm credibility and trust. Written testimonials provide powerful insights during the decision making process however how do you know they're always 100% genuine?

With video testimonials they take credibility and trust to the next level giving the viewer a first-hand, genuine and personal insights into your business. 

Emotion is a primary driver of the decision-making process. If you're looking to evoke emotions then nothing beats video.

Case Study Reel

What better way to shout about your business than someone else doing it for you?! Call them testimonials, referral videos or case studies: they are one of the most effective ways to help current and potential clients see what you do and the impact and results your products and services have on real people. 

The Benefits


In a world that is overloaded with fake news and inauthentic content, being able to trust what you’re watching, reading and who you’re working with is crucial for your customers.  

They get results

The reason that content marketers use both testimonials and video: because they work. It's a marketing approach that builds trust with potential customers, has a much higher retention rate than text and ultimately converts customers.

Humble and honest

As testimonial videos aren't scripted and as formal as other forms of advertising they help to make your business look honest and sincere. 


All content has a shelf life, TV adverts traditionally run for short periods of one to two months. A brand video may last for two years or so before key elements of your business have changed and they need updating. Video Testimonials and case studies have longevity, they're a powerful marketing tactic that can be used for years. 

Case Study Examples

Why Case Studies?

Celebrate success

Shout about what you do

Provoke Action

There are so many advantages to using testimonial and case study videos, to summarise they affirm credibility and trust giving the viewer a genuine and honest firsthand insight into your business or brand. They help to convert prospects into customers and they have a longevity that will help to generate a return on investment over and over again. 

If you'd like to discuss how we'd approach a video case study for your business then please get in touch below. 

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