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Case Study Videos

We are an experienced case study video production company creating engaging video content to showcase brand expertise and build trust with target audiences. Reviews and reputation are incredibly important to all businesses, and a compelling testimonial video is an effective way to promote yours.

Great testimonial videos feature real customers telling the audience how great a brand is in an authentic and convincing way. They enable the viewer to connect with your message through voice, body language, emotion, and empathy. So, whilst audiences are being persuaded to purchase they are also connecting with your brand in a meaningful way.

We are creative video experts helping brands like yours tell their stories since 2006. We love to work with brands and budgets of all sizes, if you’re planning a case study video for your business please get in touch with us and we’ll help you maximise your video marketing results.

Case Study Reel

Case Study video production services

Call them testimonial videos or case study videos: they are one of the most effective ways for potential customers to see what you do and understand the impact your products and services have on real people. They are a great video marketing tool for generating interest and increasing sales.  

Whatever your product, service or brand story, our experienced team will produce your case study video with creativity, skill and a distinctive fresh cut. We can shoot on location or in our studio, film live action and even incorporate bespoke animation just for you. 

We are a full service testimonial video agency. With production offices in Leeds, Manchester and London we work with businesses nationwide, and we’d love to work with you! Get it touch with us and let’s talk about your next case study video marketing campaign. 

We also welcome enquiries from agencies who’d like to collaborate with us to bring their creative ideas to life. 

The case for video

Build trust quickly

In an era that is overloaded with fake news, enabling audiences to trust what they’re watching, reading and who they’re working with is crucial. Producing authentic testimonial videos for your business will build trust and show customers how brilliant you truly are.

Trusted recommendations

Featuring customer testimonials within a marketing strategy is not a new tactic, it’s a tested and trusted formula effectively used by many brands today. 83% of us trust recommendations from our family and friends. Video testimonials and case studies work in a similar way, even if they are from somebody we’ve never met.    

Standout proudly

Differentiate yourself from the competition with a unique message from your customers in a compelling testimonial video. Work with a case study video production team who can expertly inject your brand’s personality and create video content that resonates with your target audience

Longevity and value

All content has a shelf life, TV adverts traditionally run for short periods of one to two months whereas, a product video will expire as soon as the product is updated. Case study videos have longevity and are a powerful marketing tool that can be used for years, so you also get great value for money

Our Case Study Examples

Why Case Studies?

Celebrate success

Shout about what you do

Provoke Action

There are so many advantages to using testimonial and case study videos, to summarise they affirm credibility and trust giving the viewer a genuine and honest firsthand insight into your business or brand. They help to convert prospects into customers and they have a longevity that will help to generate a return on investment over and over again. 

If you'd like to discuss how we'd approach a video case study for your business then please get in touch below. 

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