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The Brief

We were approached to create a high end Brand Video for Innerplace to advertise their profession and exclusive concierge service. We provided a full service rom Pre-production through to final delivery working hard to create the final polished product.

The Details

Innerplace is a professional concierge service that offers privileged access to the finest nightlife and entertainment in London, with minimal hassle, delivering on its promises. At Innerplace, they concentrate on niche areas such as; restaurants, members’ clubs, bars, parties and other VIP entertainment. We used the Movi Pro and Alexa to capture their offering with high-end visuals that reflect the quality of the service on offer.

The Result

The Feedback

Fresh Cut Creative were absolutely brilliant from start to finish when I recently needed a high quality video on a tight budget and with very short notice. I’ve rarely been so constantly impressed and surprised by a any service, with them constantly surpassing my expectations of creativity and professionalism. They always went the extra mile and we were more than happy with the eventual results from just one day of (very organised) shooting.

Tim Badham, Founding Director, Innerplace

The Credits

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