Eon - Wind Farms

Blowing Eon away with our approach.

The Brief

Eon wanted to highlight their investment in Wind Farms with some eye catching content to support their social PR campaign.

The Details

With a modest project brief we had to think outside the box. To produce some memorable visuals we combined happy customers with wind to bring their 'Get ready to be blown away' message to life. With a modest budget in reality this shoot was some models in a studio, with a 200 frames per second camera & a leaf blower. As you can imagine it was a lot of fun & cetrainly stood out online!

The Result

The Feedback

We achived the results they were looking for, eye catching content to draw attention to their campaign. We think it is fair to say they were blown away.

The Credits

Director: Andy Daly

Director of Photography: Scott Jones

Editor: Andy Daly

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