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Product Videos

Product videos are the perfect way of showcasing your products, allowing viewers to see them in context and learn about key features and benefits. Here at Fresh Cut our team collaborate with you to develop engaging product videos from conception to completion. 

Product video reel

We're a full service video production company so we can support you from creative through to production and post-production. Whether you're looking to shoot live action on location, in our studio or animation we have the expertise to help you succeed. Our team can help you to develop a video strategy tailored to your business goals and we offer video activation and seeding to help you get your content in front of your target audience. 

Things To consider

The approach

You could choose to film a lifestyle piece on location, a presenter in a studio or a full 3D animation, the options are endless. We'll help guide you with a creative approach that is the right fit for your brand and audience. 

The audience

Is your audience tech savvy or should you explain things in layman’s terms? We'll help you refine the script and the tone so that we're speaking in the target audiences language. 

The content

We'll help you develop a creative approach that strikes the right balance between engagement and information. Trying to cram too much detail into a video will overwhelm the viewer, we'll help you to refine the key messages and creative approach to help communicate these in the most entertaining ways possible.

The Deliverables

We help brands maximise the return on their investment and one way to do this is to maximise the amount of content you're getting from a production. Not only do we recommend multiple edits to service your different marketing channels whether that's long form for your website or cut downs for social. You should also consider photography for offline and behind the scenes 'making of' content for press and PR coverage. 

Product Video Examples

Product Videos Benefits

Boost Brand Awareness

Highlight key features

Inform and educate

Convert viewers to customers

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