Kofi Stone 'Talk about us'

The Brief

‘Talk About Us’ marks the third instalment of this year’s pairings. Breaking from the more sombre tones of ‘Same Old’ this collaborative effort with Ady Suleiman is smooth. Our second collaberation with Kofi, we wanted to capture the slower pace of the track with smooth camera movement and a soft, personal look to the visuals.

The Details

We used the Freefly Movi Pro Gimbal to keep the movement silky smooth. Combined with filters and soft lighting to keep the shot personal and relfective of the track.

The Result

The Feedback

Perfectly matching conceptual visuals with the message beneath a track has been a trademark for Stone since day

The Credits

Director: Andy Daly & Scott Jones

1st AD: Jens Klit Nielsen

Director of Photography: Pieter Snyman

Stylist: Pele Eugene-Radio

Editor: Andy Daly & Scott Jones

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