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Brand Video

Maude Coffee

Maude are a specialty micro coffee roastery based in the UK. Find out how they source and roast coffee from their independent roastery in Leeds.

We developed the creative for a story-led video that introduces Maude to prospective customers, educating them about how they ethically source their beans and roast their coffee.

The video highlights the science behind coffee roasting and the finer points that require meticulous attention in order make the perfect brew. With such a large amount of information to get across in the film, we decided to use tracked-in-motion-graphics to add this information in a creative and engaging format. 

The video quickly captured nearly 5,000 views in the first week, while the number of people following Maude’s Facebook page grew by over 70% and their weekly page views shot up by an astonishing 1,285%

Director of Photography Rick Frier
Camera Jamie Merchant
Camera Assistant Andrew Johnson
Sound Recordist Ted Burch
Editor Rob Hannant
Visual Effects Ted Burch

Brand Video

Maude Coffee


“Working with Fresh Cut was fun and really enjoyable, everyone who chipped in was very professional and creative. 

When we saw the final cut we were just speechless, it was an awesome representation of what we are and the increased engagement on social was phenomenal”

Matt Van Elkan –
Managing Director @ Maude Coffee Roasters