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Interactive Video

Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford is an explorer who holds the world record for being the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River . He has also spent 60 days on a deserted pacific island and survived without provisions in some of the world’s most uninhabitable environments.

Working in partnership with Leeds-based digital agency Tall we created a video that places the user with Ed during a Marooned style survival challenge.

Depending upon the viewer’s choices, the story develops down a different narrative path. The resulting successes and failures contribute to a narrative result that is customised to each user.

Take a look for yourself. Link to Interactive Adventure > Ed Stafford – Interactive Survival Experience

Producer Jamie Merchant
Director of Photography Director of Photography
Camera Operator Jon Foxley-Evans
Editor Rob Hannant

Interactive Video

Ed Stafford


“Tall teamed up with Fresh Cut to create a interactive experience for Ed Stafford, we endeavoured to make the audience feel as though they are taking part of one of Ed’s survival experiences. 

The launch of the #EdExperience increased traffic to his site by over 400% in the first 3 weeks and post-launch traffic continues to be more than double his usual numbers. 

We were keen to team up with Fresh Cut team, they bring a great amount of energy and talent to all of the projects they work on and that’s certainly required when we are trying to squeeze what we can out of film and digital working together”.

Guy Utley –
Creative Director @ Tall Ltd